Big Red 3-7PM 877-937-7883

Big Red was born in Spencer, West Virginia and he’s made some pretty memorable radio stops including Spencer, WV; Saint Pauls, NB; Farmont, NC; and Deland, FL… but, perhaps, his most memorable was the time he spent as a beloved part of the Ron Bison Show on K92 in the early 90s.
Big Red is an accomplished musician who plays several instruments and pipes in with his deep, bass vocals.  He is currently playing bass in the Saturday Night Gold Band.  You can check him out at the local Moose grinnin’ and groovin’.
The drive home is always more fun with a good friend!  Big Red gives you 10 in a row of your favorite songs from your favorite artists and he keeps you entertained, too!  He’s our resident Musicologist and our 5 O’Clock Whistle blower!  Time to turn it up loud and sing at the top of your lungs all the way home with your favorite songs!