Mr. Bob Morning Show Road Show
at the Williston Police Dept. with Beef O'Brady's
Captain Connolly
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Yummy! Salads, Signature Wraps...

Kathy Dugan decorated...

...and got a little crazy with the magnets!

Tasty wings!

The fine folks at WPD! Judy (next to Mr. Bob) faxed to win!

Kathy Dugan with the WPD gang flanked by Det. James Bond and Judy!

Mr. Bob... behave!

Mr. Bob with Josh from Beef O'Brady's

Gettin' the goodies together!

Captain Connolly

Step away from the car, Kathy Dugan!

Mr. Bob with the WPD gang!

Double Shot Sunday 11AM-7PM

Two in a row from your favorite artists!

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