Meet Lewis Stokes...

Birthplace:  Tallahassee, FL - but I'm a Gator!
Children: Nick, Noah, Lyndsy

Interests:  Reading, country music, song writing, needle point (just kidding!), UF Athletics (I bleed orange and blue)
Favorite Authors: Stephen King, Michael Crichton, David Varner
Radio History:  Stops in Lake City, Jacksonville and Maine.
Most Memorable Moment in Radio: Winning the CMA Station of the Year in 1995.

Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams
Favorite Musical Artists:  Jeff Bates, Randy Travis, George Strait, Barbara Mandrell, Kenny Chesney
If I Wasn't In Radio, I'd Be... just retiring from the NFL as a place-kicker.
Cartoon Character I Most Relate To:  Beavis

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