Cash Cow Is Back This Monday!

She's big.  She's fat.  She's full of cash. 

...and she's coming back!


The K COUNTRY Cash Cow is coming back!

All you need are the last two digits
of your personal social security number
to play and win . . . BIG! 

When you hear the
93-7, K COUNTRY Cash Cow
call out the last two digits of
your personal social security number,
be the tenth caller within ten minutes
at 877-937-7883,
and win $100!

You’ll also be qualified for ou
colossal grand prize of
in cold, hard,
put-it-right-in-your-pocket cash!!

It all starts this Monday!

Your first chance of the day
to win is always at 7:15 am
Monday through Saturday
with the Mr. Bob Morning Show



we’ll announce the other winning hours
for that day! 


every Thursday we’ll double the winners
with at least six winners!


Every number combination is
guaranteed to be called out!

Once your numbers are announced,
we’ll throw ‘em back in to be drawn again! 

The 93-7, K Country Cash Cow . . .
he most weeks of winning . . .
most free money!


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