Joe Nichols BBQ at Jumbolair
with Mr. Bob, Lewis, Big Red & Doug
The Chef, Greg Mullen from Artesinal Dish
Photo 16 of 20

Joe Nichols & Mr. Bob

The boys chatting

The Living Room at the Mansion

The ladies preparing the feast

Joe Nichols holding up the wall

Joe Nichols & Mr. Bob talking BBQ

Two geeky guys

Joe Nichols & the boys

fireplace chat

one of the bedrooms

another room in the mansion

dining room

the pool

Joe Nichols & Lewis Stokes

bathtub and bidet in one of the rooms

The Chef, Greg Mullen from Artesinal Dish

winding staircase to the bedrooms

everybody in the tub

another pool view


Saturday Night Gold Rush

Doug Rockwell

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