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  • Someone please tell Britney Spears it's 'Carpool Karaoke,' not 'Carpool Lip Sync' August 24, 2016
    LOS ANGELES — We snarked at Britney Spears when CBS announced that the prodigal pop priestess would be doing "Carpool Karaoke," because we're big grumpy meanies and sometimes we can't help ourselves.  It was something not very imaginative, like but will she be actually singing it live, because again, we are grouchy trolls and couldn't […]
    Josh Dickey
  • This book explains why it's OK to be 'Wasting Time on the Internet' August 24, 2016
    Do you mess around on the internet? Ever get stuck in intense loops, checking back and forth between Facebook, Twitter and Gmail? Fooling yourself that you're doing something important, but, in the back of your mind, dimly aware that you are simply pushing levers and waiting for the next pellet of stimulus like a rat […]
    Chris Taylor
  • 'Rocket League’ championship is open to all players and the stakes are high August 23, 2016
    Season 2 of the Rocket League Championship Series is open to any esports players who would like to compete for a big $250,000 prize.  Read more: http://on.mash.to/2bk34mv Read more...More about Mashable Video, Gaming, Pc, Xbox One, and Playstation 4
    Tanner Ethridge
  • A track-by-track trip through Frank Ocean's mesmerizing 'Blonde' August 23, 2016
    In Frank Ocean’s zine, Boys Don’t Cry, he frames Blond(e) as a revisionist history of his youth — one he spent dreaming of a life a lot like the one he actually has now, head resting on tear-soaked pillowcases.  In peak Frank Ocean fashion, he’s romanticizing those years now. Bleach your hair blond and then […]
    Tricia Gilbride