Cash Cow Rules Fall 2016

To provide fair and equal chance of winning to all listeners, the following are the official rules for the CASH COW contest on K COUNTRY (d.b.a. WOGK-FM).

The K COUNTRY CASH COW contest period will be Monday through Saturday beginning at or around 7:15am on Monday, October 10th, 2016 and terminate at or around 7:00pm on Saturday, November 19th, 2016.  During the aforementioned contest period, at 7:15am Monday through Saturday, the last two digits of a social security number will be announced.  Contestants have 10 minutes from when the digits are announced to be caller number ten (10) to the K COUNTRY contest lines – 877-937-7883.  The tenth (10th) caller with the correct matching digits announced in the previous ten (10) minutes will win one hundred dollars ($100.00)

All K COUNTRY CASH COW winners October 10th through November 19th, 2016 will qualify for one of THREE $1,000 (one thousand dollar) grand prizes.  Three grand prize winners will be randomly drawn on Monday, November 21st, 2016 during The Mr. Bob Morning Show (5:30AM-10AM) on 93.7 K COUNTRY.

All K COUNTRY CASH COW winners must be in possession of a Social Security number assigned by the United States Government in order to play.

CASH COW winners are restricted to only one winner per household every 60 days.

CASH COW contestants may be of any age, however, the actual holder of the Social Security number announced with the correct last two digits MUST verbalize this information on the air to the announcer conducting the contest at the time or be disqualified immediately.  In other words, no one may “call in” a winning number combination for another.

Upon winning the K COUNTRY CASH COW contest, any K COUNTRY CASH COW contest winner AND anyone who resides at your address is eligible to win other K COUNTRY contests again as long as he or she has NOT won in the previous 30 days, 60 days for cash, unless otherwise specifically stated elsewhere.

K COUNTRY CASH COW winners are solely responsible for all taxes and/or fees that may be incurred.  All K COUNTRY CASH COW winners are required to verify proper and legal picture identification and social security number within 30 days of winning the cash prize.  All verifications must be made in person at WOGK’s business office at either 3602 N.E. 20th Place, Ocala, Florida, or 4020 Newberry Road, Gainesville, Florida, during regular business hours (unless other arrangements are made to properly verify identification).

Winner may forfeit any and all K COUNTRY CASH COW winnings if verification cannot or has not been made within 30 days.  Upon proper verification, cash winnings will be awarded by check, and mailed to winner’s mailing address within 7 business days.

Each K COUNTRY CASH COW winner must supply K COUNTRY with legal name, mailing address, birth date, daytime/nighttime telephone numbers and social security number.

Unless otherwise stated and/or posted, winners will be selected only on K COUNTRY’S official toll-free contest telephone line of 1-877-937-7883.   Caller may not substitute his or her name with that of another person, nor will K COUNTRY accept anyone calling in for another person whose name has been declared a winner.  

Contestants calling K COUNTRY’S official contest line make the reasonable assumption that their telephone conversation will be recorded for playback, and therefore provide permission to K COUNTRY to air such conversation and use winners name and voice for promotional purposes.  Likewise, the winner’s acceptance of prizes provides permission for K COUNTRY to use name and likeness of the winner in all K COUNTRY publications including the K COUNTRY website located at

No substitutions of prize winnings allowed.  All winners are solely responsible for any and all taxes and/or fees, and all such additional costs that may be incurred.

Neither K COUNTRY, nor its employees, may be held liable for any costs, damage, injury, or any other claims incurred as a result of usage of any winners once possession has been made by winner.

Management, employees, families of K COUNTRY, Ocala Broadcasting, any other radio stations, or participating sponsors of K COUNTRY are prohibited from winning any prizes awarded by K COUNTRY.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.  Participants are providing information to K COUNTRY and not to Facebook. 

K COUNTRY reserves the right to deny compensation to any contest player it feels is compromising the integrity of the CASH COW contest.

K COUNTRY (WOGK-FM) further reserves the right to alter any rules of any contest at any time.

Copies of these rules may be picked up at the WOGK FM business office in Gainesville or Ocala during regular business hours.