Meet Doug Rockwell…

DougBible15Birthplace:  California

Children: Sheba and Squirt (they’re my Dachshunds)!

Interests: Karate, chess, history, NASCAR and short track racing

Pets: See “children”

Favorite Authors: Carl Hiaasen, Jack Higgins

Radio History:  Official Secrets Act Under CIA (can not disclose without serious penalties)

Most Memorable Moment in Radio: Surrounded by Secret Service Agents during Jimmy Carter’s trip down the Mississippi in the 70’s.  I got close to lying my way on board.

Favorite Movie: Babe (about the pig… not the baseball great)

Favorite Musical Artists:  Marty Robbins, Harry Chapin, Dan Fogelberg

If I Wasn’t In Radio, I’d Be… a lot richer.

Cartoon Character I Most Relate  To: Snoopy.