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  • We Spoke To LGBT People About Having Conflicted Feelings About Going Home For The Holidays November 26, 2015
    “Family is where you make it and family is who you make it with.” Heading home for the holidays to see friends and family can be a really exciting time. Facebook: video.php But sometimes, it's just a stressful one. Facebook: video.php If you're closeted, or your family isn't super accepting, the holidays can frankly be […]
  • 13 Insanely Easy Three-Ingredient Desserts November 26, 2015
    Never let them see you sweat: Thanksgiving edition. Lindsay Hunt / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Nutella + Eggs + Flour = Fudgy Nutella Cake Nutella cake, frosted with Nutella. That's all you need to know. Nutella Cake Serves 6 to 8 Recipe by Lindsay Hunt Beat 1½ cups Nutella with 4 large eggs in a […]
  • We Asked Aussies To Label The USA For Thanksgiving – And Failed, Hard November 26, 2015
    Give thanks we’re 10,000 miles away. This person felt the U.S. would be easier to label if there were only four or five states. BuzzFeed (The number of states is a common complaint tbh.) BuzzFeed This person knows where the aliens are and had really good pens. BuzzFeed One Australian knew one thing, and only […]
  • 21 Animals You Should Have Been Following In 2015 November 26, 2015
    These are the real stars of Instagram. Chloe the Mini Frenchie. Reason: Chloe is a tiny baby angel and every time you see a picture of her, your heart warms up a little and you can't help but smile. Instagram: @www.instagram.com/chloetheminifrenchie/?ref=badge Prairie Dog Pack. Reason: This is a ridiculously adorable family consisting of two prairie […]