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  • Turns out Thor was just chilling in Australia during 'Captain America: Civil War' August 28, 2016
    LOS ANGELES — It was arguably the best thing any studio showed at Comic-Con, and a month later, it's finally online: Marvel's very funny short film about what Thor's been up to lately. (Because what happens in Hall H does not stay in Hall HNot anymore.) SEE ALSO: No digital tricks here: Captain America's 'Civil […]
    Josh Dickey
  • See Tom Holland flip on the set of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' August 28, 2016
    Production is well underway on Spider-Man: Homecoming and two new videos — both shared to Instagram — provide a peek at star Tom Holland's work on the set. The first comes from director Jon Watts. In the video, a moody Holland sits on a wooden box in the middle of a green screen set. The […]
    Adam Rosenberg
  • 'Don't Breathe' seals another box office win for summer horror flicks August 28, 2016
    Don't Breathe buttoned up a sweet, little $26.1 million (estimated) opening weekend box office — the final of the summer — and it was enough for a dominant #1 finish. The movie, directed by Fede Alvarez, features few stars — Avatar villain Stephen Lang is the most established — and came together around a relatively […]
    Adam Rosenberg
  • Why 'Don’t Breathe' is un-American in the best way possible (Spoilers!) August 28, 2016
    In case you’re as blind as the man in Don’t Breathe and missed the headline, this post is going to include spoilers. That’s because you can’t talk about a movie like this without talking about The Scene. Which scene, you ask? Oh, you’ll know it when you see it. And you won’t be able to […]
    Jeff Sneider