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  • Find Your Next Healthy Recipe With The BuzzFeed Food Newsletter! November 28, 2015
    Your stomach will thank you later. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Figuring out what to cook this week can be as easy as signing up for the BuzzFeed Food Newsletter. Twice a week, we'll send you recipes you'll love: super easy 20-minute dinners, insanely delicious lunch sandwiches, and healthy on-the-go breakfasts. You'll get ideas for kitchen […]
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    Let’s find out what’s really guiding all your decisions.
  • The Amazing, Touching Story Behind "Creed" November 28, 2015
    Creed director Ryan Coogler and Sylvester Stallone. Warner Bros. Just about everything Ryan Coogler knows about filmmaking, he learned from the Rocky movies.Growing up in Oakland, California, the now 29-year-old director would watch Rocky II and Rocky IV over and over again with his dad. He found inspiration in the underdog who somehow continued to […]
  • Give Yourself The Gift Of Gorgeous Men This Holiday Season November 28, 2015
    Sign up for BuzzFeed’s Dude A Day newsletter today! It's that time of year again... youtube.com The weather's getting a bit nipp(l)y... Cameron Whye / Via Facebook: cameron.whye ...and you've got a lot on your plate. Kraft Luckily, BuzzFeed's Dude A Day newsletter is here to help. It's the absolute easiest, free-est gift you can […]